About Us

Michael Schuch and Sons Construction provides the highest levels of expertise and attention to detail to ensure your home repair, remodeling or construction project is done right and on time, every time.

We are a local, family owned company with a legacy of five generations of master craftsman before us.

Our motto at Michael Schuch and Sons is “Craftsmen Without Equal”

Over the years since the days of our Great-Grandfather, the meaning of a craftsman has changed and the word has all but been removed from today’s vocabulary.

There was a time when what a man built with his hands was more than a “thing” it was an outward expression of his integrity, honor, and code. This was a time when goods were produced with care, to last. A time when a persons’ word carried weight and traits like trust, quality and character still were of value.

We believe that what we build not only defines who we are but also who we strive to be.
“Craftsmen Without Equal”

-Mickey Schuch